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August 17, 2009

robin wanted to go to go ape an assualt course in the trees,they started 30 ft high the got higher as carrie-ann isn’t 18 yet she couldn’t be his responsible adult so I had to..gosh was I scared you can just about see me as carrie-ann took a few mobile snap shots,Isaacs face is a picture as he watches.

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A week in pictures

March 20, 2009

mobile-pics-013mixed-012isaacs-week-007isaacs-week-010isaacs-week-003isaacs-week-012mobile-pics-010random-010 as promised a few quick snaps of the boys busy week,why when Isaac has a comfy bed did he decide to take his toys out of the toybox at the front of his bed and want to sleep in there?? Robin made a lovely girl on comic relief day..
I was so proud of Isaacs sticker from pre-school,he had a lovely time at the snowdome today I had a wet bottom from sitting on a rubber ring to slide down the hill it was strange being in winter clothes and playing in the snow then walking outside into a quite sunny day and the signs of spring around.

moon pig

February 12, 2009

I have heard that song repeatedly the last few days,Isaac keeps singing moon pig,moon pig moon pig dot com obviously the advertising company meant the jingle to be catchy but I’m not sure a two year old was the intended marketing audience they are aiming for,and that song is now stuck in my head.
well the weekend should be fun,tommorow is my night out with the girls for an early birthday celebration and will start with Joanne caroline and stephanie meeting at mine for a pre-celebration drink then we will meet paula and clare at the venue I chose to kick off the celebrations,I was planning to get a new top to wear but as I’m stuck in waiting for my boiler and ceiling to be fixed I will find something suitable and appropriate in the wardrobe.
I have pre-warned them no silly photos on facebook please,but I assuming that has fallen on deaf ears with Joanne and stephanie.Saturday my actual birthday will be spent watching England play rugby and as we won 36-11 last saturday I’m hoping for a similar outcome,and carrie-ann is planning a small tea party for after the match and is making a cake and I’m sure a few surprises are planned for both days as I heard few whispers and subject changes when I came in the room.
Hopefully they are nice surprises and not too embarrasing