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I’m back

August 15, 2011
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I decided I would revisit my blog After a long break,enforced by my dads battle with cancer and his sad passing way.
I shall try to get back to my normal positive self.on bank holiday weekend I have opened up my garden for a charity event which will hopefully raise awareness for microcephaly.
Which I am actively supporting. my elder son has been shortlisted to be a torchbearer at the Olympics.
Hopefully I will pop around and catch up with my blog buddies soon.
Hope everyone is well In blogland


Fraggles friends and flowers

February 15, 2009

I had a lovely birthday and valentines day friday had to be cancelled due to hospital visit,this time none of my children so on saturday I watched rugby whilst sharing birthday cake with my parents and children,then after the first match waiting for England to play wales in the six nations rugby,Joanne and stephanie and chloe came around with food wine another birthday cake and threw me a party as a surprise to make up for missing out on friday.

I had a red rose of my boys carrie-ann had brought them for me,when the girls were in the kitchen starting preparing food Joanne popped her head around the door and said did I just hear the door knock,I said I didn’t anything it was probably the children as they were playing,she went to check and shouted fraggle come here and handed me a yellow bag with flowers in and card said guess who? x

all my friends are pleading ignorance as to who sent them,so I guess I’ll never know but whoever it was put a big smile on my face,and as yellow flowers are my favourites even better,maybe it was a coincidence they are yellow or they knew that they are my favourites? It is a mystery but a nice one.

moon pig

February 12, 2009

I have heard that song repeatedly the last few days,Isaac keeps singing moon pig,moon pig moon pig dot com obviously the advertising company meant the jingle to be catchy but I’m not sure a two year old was the intended marketing audience they are aiming for,and that song is now stuck in my head.
well the weekend should be fun,tommorow is my night out with the girls for an early birthday celebration and will start with Joanne caroline and stephanie meeting at mine for a pre-celebration drink then we will meet paula and clare at the venue I chose to kick off the celebrations,I was planning to get a new top to wear but as I’m stuck in waiting for my boiler and ceiling to be fixed I will find something suitable and appropriate in the wardrobe.
I have pre-warned them no silly photos on facebook please,but I assuming that has fallen on deaf ears with Joanne and stephanie.Saturday my actual birthday will be spent watching England play rugby and as we won 36-11 last saturday I’m hoping for a similar outcome,and carrie-ann is planning a small tea party for after the match and is making a cake and I’m sure a few surprises are planned for both days as I heard few whispers and subject changes when I came in the room.
Hopefully they are nice surprises and not too embarrasing

Help the cybermen are coming!

February 9, 2009

*clunk clunk clunk sound of marching cybermen feet towards my door aaaargh* phew it was the sound of heavy childrens footsteps on the ice with the oh no back to school look on their faces.
Today I treated myself to an early birthday treat to some boots in a 75% off sale as the shoe shop is closing which now leaves another empty shop and a £10 mile trip on the bus to the nearest shoe shop.Jojo and stephanie and paula have decided that friday we will go out to celebrate my birthday in the town,I’m not sure what they have planned but they have made a song up called Jayne is ace that they sang down the phone to me quite loudly last night.I’m assuming embarrasing photos a plenty will be added to facebook.
Isaac went to pre-school and He walked through the door and as I waved goodbye his face crumbled as if about to cry so I went in sat while he played with a jigsaw and whilst he was occupied went away to meet jo and steph for a drink before doing my supermarket shop.

He came out covered in yellow paint and saw me his face lit up with a beaming smile I crouched down he ran and gave me a hug to a round off awwws from the awaitng parents he is the smallest one there had quick chat with teachers he has a mathematical mind loved numbers and shapes and colours,he must get that off his father as I’m not very mathematical it was strange for him as last week it was closed due to the snow but I think he enjoyed it,he has lots to look forward to on his letter Easter bonnet parade,sports day he is in yellow group which is very apt and his key worker is brenda and she said he had been a good boy and for his young age was polite as he accidentaly bumped into a helper and said *dorry* meaning sorry I’m thinking he is going to enjoy it.

Just a blip

February 4, 2009

After a really yuk week I’m trying to get my positive and upbeat head on.
I have paperwork to sort out that should be here just before Isaacs trip to hospital on the 17th and then the dr can sign it for me save more delays.

I’m meeting up with the lovely sandra weather permitting tommorow and we can have a chat and she always makes me feel that things will get better even if at the time I can’t see the wood for the trees.It’s my birthday in ten days time and as the children keep pointing out to me,I have rang around my mates and as my birthday is valentines day they are all busy with boyfriends and partners and as the way the economic climate is they cant afford two nights out in a row so day prior is no good so I think I will watch the rugby then drop Robin off to a birthday party/disco and treat myself to a take away.

I’ve worked out between carrie-anns exams and her being away at bangor university I have a small window the week before the six weeks holiday to go away,so I’m booking a caravan in wales to give the children a treat and in my budget as later it is more than double the price.
I have tentatively made a start on spring cleaning and have done two rooms in between watching little one and did a small amount in the garden until the snow stopped me.
I’m trying to take each day as it comes at the moment and have had some lovely supportive messages and emails I will reply to as soon as I can.

New year..whats in store?

December 31, 2008

At this time of year people generally reflect on the past and whats instore for the future.I am no exception to that as I said in an early post I re-read an old post on my 20 six blog which was a me me,and a few things that I wanted to do and wanted to change.

want to do: Hot air balloon ride

:see robin achieve simple things that other children can,ie walk without falling,ride bike,write name
:drop barriers regarding men and trust men.
:do more charity work,with charity I co founded

Hot air balloon ride will be taking place in february,I was quite poorly last year and had serious health scare a friend who knew I wanted to go in a hot air balloon for ride before I died and brought me a champagne balloon flight.See robin achieve things other children take for granted,he has done amazing and I have seen him achieve all these and more.
Drop barriers and trust men,did drop them and trust a man then got hurt badly as many of you may remember from 20 six, so they are up again more firmly than ever and cant see them being dropped in forseeable that will have to be a work in progress.
Do more charity work I set up a support group for microcephaly and held a national awareness day on 30th september and had to co-ordinate all over uk,and had to do press release and numerous press interviews,nick owen OBE was very helpful really lovely guy,was really weird time corresponding with Downing street and her majesty the went well with thousands of people wearing red,portsmouth bus company wore red for the day so did the local schools lovely karen did work that part uk for us with my photo out of paper nearly whole page spread.Tracey did london area and I did staffordshire and surrounding area and was invited to give a talk,I am not a very good public speaker and it clashed with Isaacs CT scan so I allocated it someone else.

so looking back I have achieved many things and what have I learnt on the journey?? not to stress about things I have no control over,ie Isaacs illness if drs have problems controling it then I’m not alone not knowing what to do for best and peoples opinions of me who,think because i’m nice they can take advantage of me.I’ve learnt that people will make mistakes and apportion blame without looking inside themselves and not to take it personally,and that even if you have good intentions to help someone they may not see your intentions until they look inside themselves.I’ve learnt that what makes you happy is counting your blessings not your money.(so if your not happy change it,if your job not giving satisfaction get new one,if relationship is making you unhappy,leave it for both sakes if you have a dream go for it..lifes not about how many breaths you take,it’s about what takes your breath away,people come and go in your life friends,partners,colleuges the only person who will always be with you is yourself,so be true to yourself and be happy)

I have a roof over my head that has everything I need in it and all paid for so have no debts apart from the normal rent,council tax amenities etc..I have a small amount of savings for an emergency.I’m not a high maintainence girl as long as my children have needs met I’m happy.I have happy well brought up children who I’m very proud of and am always being complimented on how polite and that they are a credit to me.

so what resolutions do I make and want to change for 2009.

Apart from having someone to share my things with and laugh and love with and spoil rotten as Im incredible romantic (but you can be lonelier in an unhappy relationship than being single and thats worse) actually I wouldn’t change a thing,I like myself I’m a good person with good intentions and a good heart.
It’s took me a while to learn to love myself but I do.

As I had to restart blogging due to 20 six changes and a broken pc I’ve missed lots of friends birthdays and christmas presents also,so I’m giving new years presents
So if my friends give me their address
I will post out your gifts that I’ve tried to choose to suit your personalities.

Happy new year
Love Fraggle xx

courtesy of carrie-ann

December 29, 2008

Christmas was quiet,(photos courtesy of carrie-ann) apart from Isaac being ill which was expected as added extra drugs to his daily cocktail and have to get dosage spot on which is less than needs but 2.1 (how i’m supposed to do that as tablets 2mg) then 4.2 in a weeks time.

The kids loved christmas as usual and grabbed a few bargains in sale,carrie-ann went to get nappies saturday as side effects of meds used lots and woolworths was closing so she went inside they handed a large carrier and said fill it for a pound,so she came home armed with lots of birthday party goodies including pic and mix pass parcel toys and few bits for college.
This morning I took the boys on the bus to stafford to spend money nanny had sent them,Robin came back with some dr who toys no change there and Isaac looked at a few toys the one he liked best was a bright pink shopping trolley with food in being a type of mum that doesn’t stereo type what toys are girls/boys he came home with it and has happily played with it since.
I had a parcel come today from the lovely nikkipolani a prize I’d won on her blog as most original answer/comment..was lovely like getting parcels in the post.

Merry christmas everyone.

December 22, 2008

I Hope everyone has a very merry christmas.This is last chance will get to wish everyone well.
I’m at hospital tommorow with Isaac so paeds can decided wether to change medication or give higher dosage of meds,then as long as no traumas at hospital shall spend the christmas period with the children playing games and having a relaxing time.

It’s been lovely catching up with old blog friends and making new ones also.
So from Myself and the children have a very merry christmas and a happy new year!

It’s funny what you find on net.

December 18, 2008

I’ve been doing research for my father on the net,and trying to sourse a film clip which dates 1969 which has my father in it.

I decided after google information try youtube see if find any relevant clips that could possibly aquire contact details of someone with access to the said clip,managed to get still pictures of what my father wanted but not traced footage yet so tried military videos in youtube,I contacted NIVA via there so that was all good after going through various military videos Army and also few RAF  in list I saw a video by some recruits  in halton of one of commanding officers at a social/get together who was drink in hand singing along to a song quite badly and dancing,which made me laugh as the other videos were quite sad,think need to add in briefing to recruits do not make videos of commanding officers and post t on youtube.

Whilst online I thought as little one was asleep I’d re-read some of my old blog so I google it as just before left 20six changed blog name,I re-read whole archive including comments,some of them made me smile and some of the blog games me and sunshine known  as fabby on wordpress did,the pass the blog that usually started at mine then went to suns then via pettee and sez the one me and sun made up when we were bored and commented on everyones blog by using words that the first letters spelled out the name of the said blogger,obviously feather caught on very quickly poor Tosh was confused which made the game more fun and a new game was born tease tosh,but as sun said he got sense of humour and wouldn’t mind.

I re-read the poem that turned into a who dunnit with over 100 comments and on big debates,and of which dippysea,kennedy sammyface and sun and quite a few others came to the conclusion that it was a wind up from tosh,,bless him he made big debates two days in a row without even knowing about it.(unless he was reading it and having a laugh at us all? never know as not going to be reading this)

I read a few posts and comments that were always supportive and micks comments were always well thought out as well as lovely comments from nikki,flighty and feather (daffy) and beautiful,reading my me-me things want to do before die have done some on list a few need to work but a work in progress.

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