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For whom the bell tolls!

May 26, 2009

The last few days I have felt tired, weak dizzy like I’m going to faint and my eyes wont focus for a few minutes and the worst part, I keep hearing bells ringing like church bells peeling and nobody else can hear them. Oh and I feel cold even though everyone else is walking around half naked.


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caption competition.

May 18, 2009

london 013i love this photo..small prize for the best idea of what they are saying or thinking!

Thomas land trip.

May 12, 2009

drayton manor 010drayton manor 015drayton manor 012drayton manor 003drayton manor 002As I have a hectic week and may not be able to post as I have hopefuly tommorow my hot air balloon trip.Thursday is a trip to hospital for myself luckily none of the children and sunday I am off to windsor to see the grenadier guards for black sunday with my dad and need to spend saturday ironing and other essential household chores.So a few photos of Our trip to thomas land.

picnics and ponderings

May 7, 2009

I caught up with my father last saturday carrie-ann has researched his family tree for him and he had an address relatively local to me about three miles away of where his late great grandfather had lived.My father had caught the early train and we surprised him by taking him to the area his great grandfather lived,a little village Robin said it was like off the film hot fuzz without the neighbourhood watch killing people.
We went to the local church hall and had a drink and biscuit with the vicar and some of the local people and quite by chance we walked over to the graves directly outside the church and was drawn towards the exact one of his great grandfather without the need to search for it.
we couldn’t go to see the exact house he had lived in as carrie-ann had left all the paperwork and details at home.
A very nice elderly lady who was also in the room where everyone was having tea and biscuits had told us of a short cut home by the canal path and we decided as it was only a two and a half mile walk and it was a nice day we would walk back.I sat at the back in a corner as all the chairs were in a circular fashion around tables pushed together.Picture the vicar of dibley and you will be spot on.

The walk we started on went fine then the canal part,which Robin remarked on looked like a funny canal it was more like a stream as he could walk across it which he decided he would demonstrate well the water seemed to disappear and we saw a marker so we knew we were on a designated route and we carried on then after a while no markers or anything so we headed towards a landmark we knew.
Pooor Isaac was in the puschair then out the puschair as we had to climb styles and go through kissing gates which would not have been possible to get through or over with the pushchair so I folded it up and dragged it behind me whilst he held grandads hand we got to a point where the walked on flat bit went both ways so after taking one option to follow it went in a circle after cutting across a field which had a very small walkway and was left as it was nettles weeds and very bumpy under foot and avoiding treading on crops on both sides we saw the road climbed the last style and put up the pushchair to push liittle man as after I had carried him about a mile so he didnt get stung by nettles was a little bit of a strain.
I think the shortcut added on at least an extra mile and half on our walk which is no problem for me or the big children they love walking my dad has a foot problem so walks with a stick and at nearly sixty eight was a bit of a jaunt,so being the ever caring daughter I took him to the nearest pub brought him lunch and carrie-ann brought him a pint,which he enjoyed.