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Proud mummy moment

April 29, 2009

mixture-018 Isaac got a sticker for knowing how to describe the weather and also a certificate for knowing and being able to pick out at random numbers 1-10 not bad for a 27 month old child 🙂 mixture-032 he got a big cuddle of a proud elder brother,who has got the lead role in the school production of a modern day version of macbeth.mixture-031


I’m finally getting my ceiling fixed but……

April 27, 2009

As you may remember a short while ago my boiler leaked causing me a lovely flood and collapsing ceiling,well today a man from the council came around to inspect the ceiling again,it had been checked by one inspector then another came to do an asbestos test before any work could be carried out.
The man came and had a quick look and explained that the whole stair and hall ceiling would have to be replaced,but as the tests came back saying it contained asbestos it would have to be done by a specialist firm and my house contained and closed off whilst it was repaired.
I now have to wait for the specialist firm to make arrangements to do the repairs and find somewhere to stay whilst it is being sorted and also re-house nessa the rabbit,I may have ask the council to put me up in a local hotel or bed and breakfast for a few days as the children still have to go to school and college.
The only people allowed in my house whilst it is being repaired are asbestos specialists in full white suits it will look like a crime scene off CSI.
Isaac is going to pre-school later and I shall be doing my ironing and if I finish in time put my feet up with a drink and a few biscuits.

A week that was…

April 20, 2009

It has been a time of cancelations and chocolate.
It started on thursday with my planned day out looking around the shops and lunch with a friend and the boys (carrie-ann was at her nans for a week to have peace and quiet to study for her exams ) my friend had to cancel and we made arrangements for lunch on good friday which again was canceled as an eldery member of the family was hospitalised.
Saturday was our early birthday treat for Robin to drayton manor and thomas land for Isaac,we had a fun day Isaac had a few seizures in the theme park think it was over stimulation of his senses and lights.
Sunday we went to church and after had our usual easter egg hunt,my hot air balloon trip was canceled due to low visability.
I have managed to decorate my lounge through dining room and have done some gardening taken the children swimming (Isaac had a seizure after in the changing rooms) and spent some quality time with the children.
Yesterday after church as it was a lovely day Isaac was playing in the garden with myself and the children and he ran and twisted his ankle,he started limping and it kept giving way and started to swell a little so it was off to A & E which is about nine miles away,I was very impressed by the staff I went to reception and after booking in was in triage within a few minutes the nurse took a few details and I went back into the waiting area I was expecting at least an hour wait or more and straightaway they called us through.
Apparently as he was calm and quiet they saw him straight away as him having autistic traits and epilepsy it would be easier for him and the doctors to examine him then rather than let him get stressed out by the long wait which in turn could cause him to have a seizure.
Luckily he had only sprained it so calpol and hardest part trying to get him to rest it. whenever he gets nervous he laughs,so he spent most of the time at the hospital giggling.Oh and nessa the rabbit bit his finger so he has a tubi grip on his ankle and a plaster on his finger.

How is everyone?

The waiting is over.

April 8, 2009

I decided to ring the DWP today as it was eight weeks since I had filled in and sent off Isaacs forms for disability allowance and the letter stated if I hadn’t heard in eight weeks to ring them.
The lady on the phone was a delightful lady and asked the usual questions Isaacs application number and date of birth and she said ok do you want me to let you know desicion over the phone,to which I said go ahead expecting the worst,she said can I check the details of the bank account the money will go in to.At this point I was not sure wether that was a security question or a hint that Isaac was going to get the neccessary paperwork to take to the dss for the extra help he needs.
I frantically searched for my details and read them over the phone and she said ok,well your son has been awarded higher rate dla,in shock I said he has??? she said yes ( there are three rates according to severity of disability and care needed and obviously hospital reports state that he is in need of 24-7 care) whilst trying to get my head around the fact I was actually getting the paperwork I needed to help get free travel to and from hospital and to prove that I’m a full time carer so wouldn’t have to explain situation and private life continually to dss,which is a blessing,the lady on the phone said we have back dated your allowance from the fourth of february the day you rang for the claim forms and it has been put in your account yesterday and it usually takes a week to clear,at this point I could of hugged her I didn’t actually hear how much was put in as I was shocked that I didn’t have to appeal.
Once the easter holidays are over and I recieve confirmation of Isaacs dla award I will ring the dss and notify them of my circumstances changing and that I shall be a full time carer and they will be able to change my status on books and will swop over so I get carers money topped up with income support as being a single parent I cant keep carers allowance as well as income support its either or and I really needed
the disability award so I could get the carers component to get the extra help towards nursery places and to get him into the system ready for school and help with travel costs to therapy and hospitals.
That is a weight lifted.

Breakfast and bunnies

April 3, 2009

memories-0011memories-012memories-010Isaac won the easter bonnet parade,so my making crepe paper daffodils wasn’t in vain.
Our newest member of the family nessa is settling in nicely.
my lovely daughter made me a lovely breakfast,pancakes in the shape of hearts and stars and flowers.memories-002