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Me myself and I

February 28, 2009

I am child less, for the first time in forever, so me and joanne watched the six nations rugby and we drank wine whilst england lost,i’m chilling out as joanne gone home,I think an early night after watching casualty on tv. It is weird being child less, I think I will get some sleep and pretend brian o driscoll doesn’t play rugby for Ireland ugh.


up up and away!

February 26, 2009

weeeee-012My hot air balloon ticket came And I fly on the 13th of april what a way to spend easter monday..
I’m so excited 🙂

Coping through the chaos!

February 22, 2009

So I’ve filled in the forms for Isaacs disability and it wasn’t an easy task as I had to put into words how his epilepsy effects him and how he feels prior to a turn and during and after.
Putting into words how a disability or illness effects someone is hard for an adult to do but for an infant who has recentley turned two is practicaly impossible,as the limited vocabulary of a child so small is not exactly going to give the people who make decisions much insight.
some of the questions were so hard to answer ie,how much help does he need a day? how many times ?how many minutes? what would he do if he didn’t have the disabilities he has? how many yards can he walk without discomfort or problems and how long does it take him?
All the questions apart from medication and ones for the doctor were really awkward as some days are good some days are bad,if he has had a bad day or night and had a few seizures in a row then his left side is weak and he aches causing discomfort when he walks or I carry him.
It’s hard to predict when he will have a seizure as the atonic type are rarer and don’t respond to medication as well as the other type myclonic and complex partial seizures he has ,I think he may be aware of an aura prior to the complex partial ones as he has started to stop what hes doing and lay on the floor prior to a seizure.
Some questions were also hard as he is waiting to see another specialist on march the 4th about the regression he is suffering since his seizures and what therapy he needs.
I’ve filled it in as best as I can and added a note to make them aware of any other details and information that was not on the form.
Also since filling in the forms and sending them off they have doubled his medication,so the information is slightly out of date.
It’s not very nice filling in forms focusing on what your child can do or i’llness was really upsetting.

look what I found In my laundry basket this morning!

February 20, 2009

Perhaps he thinks he is going hot air ballooning minus the balloon,all the toys hes got and my laundry basket is the most fun!

my Little angel,sleeping soundly

February 18, 2009

I was at the hospital yesterday with Isaac,he now has had his medication upped again so 10ml sodium valporate and 12ml lamotragine daily.I put the suggestion to the doctor that could the night seizures be due to the fact at night time he doesn’t have enough medication in his body? The doctor said he was thinking exactly the same thing so we have come up with a plan to give him medication 8am and 8pm,I usualy give him the last dose at 6.30pm after his bath so if he falls asleep he doesn’t miss it,I have to keep him awake until 8pm or if he falls asleep wake him up to medicate hoping he will go back to sleep again.
The paedeatric specialist is concerned about Isaacs regression since his seizures started and wants him refered to another dr also.
I met up with a lady in the waiting room who was at birmingham childrens hospital with her little baby girl when Isaac was in,her baby has microcephaly the same as robin and was impressed how well robin was doing and it gave her an uplifting feeling as to how well her child can do with time,support and a lot of effort,Robin was the second child apart from her little girl who she had met with microcephaly and her little girl was the second child Robin had met with the same disability.

My phone decided to break last night,ugh or rather the sim card failed for some reason i’m hoping it will be sorted soon as I need it for emergencies,the children are going bowling today with friends after carrie-ann has had her injection at the
I will spend some quality time with little man,I had planned doing some gardening but it’s a little dull roll on the warmer weather.

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Fraggles friends and flowers

February 15, 2009

I had a lovely birthday and valentines day friday had to be cancelled due to hospital visit,this time none of my children so on saturday I watched rugby whilst sharing birthday cake with my parents and children,then after the first match waiting for England to play wales in the six nations rugby,Joanne and stephanie and chloe came around with food wine another birthday cake and threw me a party as a surprise to make up for missing out on friday.

I had a red rose of my boys carrie-ann had brought them for me,when the girls were in the kitchen starting preparing food Joanne popped her head around the door and said did I just hear the door knock,I said I didn’t anything it was probably the children as they were playing,she went to check and shouted fraggle come here and handed me a yellow bag with flowers in and card said guess who? x

all my friends are pleading ignorance as to who sent them,so I guess I’ll never know but whoever it was put a big smile on my face,and as yellow flowers are my favourites even better,maybe it was a coincidence they are yellow or they knew that they are my favourites? It is a mystery but a nice one.

I cant believe I’m doing this! Especially for Robin.

February 13, 2009

meeeeeeeee-010meeeeeeeee-007meeeeeeeee-014meeeeeeeee-006meeeeeeeee-0091some photos carrie-ann took this morning of me a reminder I’m getting old 37 tommorow but to my children I’m just mom and they love me unconditionaly.

moon pig

February 12, 2009

I have heard that song repeatedly the last few days,Isaac keeps singing moon pig,moon pig moon pig dot com obviously the advertising company meant the jingle to be catchy but I’m not sure a two year old was the intended marketing audience they are aiming for,and that song is now stuck in my head.
well the weekend should be fun,tommorow is my night out with the girls for an early birthday celebration and will start with Joanne caroline and stephanie meeting at mine for a pre-celebration drink then we will meet paula and clare at the venue I chose to kick off the celebrations,I was planning to get a new top to wear but as I’m stuck in waiting for my boiler and ceiling to be fixed I will find something suitable and appropriate in the wardrobe.
I have pre-warned them no silly photos on facebook please,but I assuming that has fallen on deaf ears with Joanne and stephanie.Saturday my actual birthday will be spent watching England play rugby and as we won 36-11 last saturday I’m hoping for a similar outcome,and carrie-ann is planning a small tea party for after the match and is making a cake and I’m sure a few surprises are planned for both days as I heard few whispers and subject changes when I came in the room.
Hopefully they are nice surprises and not too embarrasing

water water everywhere and not a drop to drink

February 11, 2009

I awoke this morning woke up the children left Isaac sleeping as he had had 2 small seizures in the night and went to start the usual routine get Isaacs cocktail of meds ready,drinks breakfasts whilst the children used the bathroom.
Carrie-ann shouted mom quick look at this.. my boiler had started leaking in the night water all over the hallway lino a lovely big puddle for want of a better word and water dripping out of the light fitment and a dripping ceiling which looks like it will collapse.
I have an airing cupboard full of wet towels and bedding which need have soaked up a lot of the water,Joanne has popped round after the school run and taken Isaac to hers as wet lino collapsing ceilings and toddlers are a bad combination whilst I await the emergency gas people to come see the boiler and then once it is fixed get the council out to look at reapairing the ceiling and then I will have to re-decorate as the dripping hot water as lifted off the wallpaper.

I have no idea what time the council will be out to mend the boiler so am in the living room as the constant drip drip drip is like chinese water torture and i’m running out of towels to soak up the water and have wet squishy slippers.

So how was everyone elses morning?

Help the cybermen are coming!

February 9, 2009

*clunk clunk clunk sound of marching cybermen feet towards my door aaaargh* phew it was the sound of heavy childrens footsteps on the ice with the oh no back to school look on their faces.
Today I treated myself to an early birthday treat to some boots in a 75% off sale as the shoe shop is closing which now leaves another empty shop and a £10 mile trip on the bus to the nearest shoe shop.Jojo and stephanie and paula have decided that friday we will go out to celebrate my birthday in the town,I’m not sure what they have planned but they have made a song up called Jayne is ace that they sang down the phone to me quite loudly last night.I’m assuming embarrasing photos a plenty will be added to facebook.
Isaac went to pre-school and He walked through the door and as I waved goodbye his face crumbled as if about to cry so I went in sat while he played with a jigsaw and whilst he was occupied went away to meet jo and steph for a drink before doing my supermarket shop.

He came out covered in yellow paint and saw me his face lit up with a beaming smile I crouched down he ran and gave me a hug to a round off awwws from the awaitng parents he is the smallest one there had quick chat with teachers he has a mathematical mind loved numbers and shapes and colours,he must get that off his father as I’m not very mathematical it was strange for him as last week it was closed due to the snow but I think he enjoyed it,he has lots to look forward to on his letter Easter bonnet parade,sports day he is in yellow group which is very apt and his key worker is brenda and she said he had been a good boy and for his young age was polite as he accidentaly bumped into a helper and said *dorry* meaning sorry I’m thinking he is going to enjoy it.

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