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New year..whats in store?

December 31, 2008

At this time of year people generally reflect on the past and whats instore for the future.I am no exception to that as I said in an early post I re-read an old post on my 20 six blog which was a me me,and a few things that I wanted to do and wanted to change.

want to do: Hot air balloon ride

:see robin achieve simple things that other children can,ie walk without falling,ride bike,write name
:drop barriers regarding men and trust men.
:do more charity work,with charity I co founded

Hot air balloon ride will be taking place in february,I was quite poorly last year and had serious health scare a friend who knew I wanted to go in a hot air balloon for ride before I died and brought me a champagne balloon flight.See robin achieve things other children take for granted,he has done amazing and I have seen him achieve all these and more.
Drop barriers and trust men,did drop them and trust a man then got hurt badly as many of you may remember from 20 six, so they are up again more firmly than ever and cant see them being dropped in forseeable that will have to be a work in progress.
Do more charity work I set up a support group for microcephaly and held a national awareness day on 30th september and had to co-ordinate all over uk,and had to do press release and numerous press interviews,nick owen OBE was very helpful really lovely guy,was really weird time corresponding with Downing street and her majesty the went well with thousands of people wearing red,portsmouth bus company wore red for the day so did the local schools lovely karen did work that part uk for us with my photo out of paper nearly whole page spread.Tracey did london area and I did staffordshire and surrounding area and was invited to give a talk,I am not a very good public speaker and it clashed with Isaacs CT scan so I allocated it someone else.

so looking back I have achieved many things and what have I learnt on the journey?? not to stress about things I have no control over,ie Isaacs illness if drs have problems controling it then I’m not alone not knowing what to do for best and peoples opinions of me who,think because i’m nice they can take advantage of me.I’ve learnt that people will make mistakes and apportion blame without looking inside themselves and not to take it personally,and that even if you have good intentions to help someone they may not see your intentions until they look inside themselves.I’ve learnt that what makes you happy is counting your blessings not your money.(so if your not happy change it,if your job not giving satisfaction get new one,if relationship is making you unhappy,leave it for both sakes if you have a dream go for it..lifes not about how many breaths you take,it’s about what takes your breath away,people come and go in your life friends,partners,colleuges the only person who will always be with you is yourself,so be true to yourself and be happy)

I have a roof over my head that has everything I need in it and all paid for so have no debts apart from the normal rent,council tax amenities etc..I have a small amount of savings for an emergency.I’m not a high maintainence girl as long as my children have needs met I’m happy.I have happy well brought up children who I’m very proud of and am always being complimented on how polite and that they are a credit to me.

so what resolutions do I make and want to change for 2009.

Apart from having someone to share my things with and laugh and love with and spoil rotten as Im incredible romantic (but you can be lonelier in an unhappy relationship than being single and thats worse) actually I wouldn’t change a thing,I like myself I’m a good person with good intentions and a good heart.
It’s took me a while to learn to love myself but I do.

As I had to restart blogging due to 20 six changes and a broken pc I’ve missed lots of friends birthdays and christmas presents also,so I’m giving new years presents
So if my friends give me their address
I will post out your gifts that I’ve tried to choose to suit your personalities.

Happy new year
Love Fraggle xx


courtesy of carrie-ann

December 29, 2008

Christmas was quiet,(photos courtesy of carrie-ann) apart from Isaac being ill which was expected as added extra drugs to his daily cocktail and have to get dosage spot on which is less than needs but 2.1 (how i’m supposed to do that as tablets 2mg) then 4.2 in a weeks time.

The kids loved christmas as usual and grabbed a few bargains in sale,carrie-ann went to get nappies saturday as side effects of meds used lots and woolworths was closing so she went inside they handed a large carrier and said fill it for a pound,so she came home armed with lots of birthday party goodies including pic and mix pass parcel toys and few bits for college.
This morning I took the boys on the bus to stafford to spend money nanny had sent them,Robin came back with some dr who toys no change there and Isaac looked at a few toys the one he liked best was a bright pink shopping trolley with food in being a type of mum that doesn’t stereo type what toys are girls/boys he came home with it and has happily played with it since.
I had a parcel come today from the lovely nikkipolani a prize I’d won on her blog as most original answer/comment..was lovely like getting parcels in the post.

Merry christmas everyone.

December 22, 2008

I Hope everyone has a very merry christmas.This is last chance will get to wish everyone well.
I’m at hospital tommorow with Isaac so paeds can decided wether to change medication or give higher dosage of meds,then as long as no traumas at hospital shall spend the christmas period with the children playing games and having a relaxing time.

It’s been lovely catching up with old blog friends and making new ones also.
So from Myself and the children have a very merry christmas and a happy new year!

It’s funny what you find on net.

December 18, 2008

I’ve been doing research for my father on the net,and trying to sourse a film clip which dates 1969 which has my father in it.

I decided after google information try youtube see if find any relevant clips that could possibly aquire contact details of someone with access to the said clip,managed to get still pictures of what my father wanted but not traced footage yet so tried military videos in youtube,I contacted NIVA via there so that was all good after going through various military videos Army and also few RAF  in list I saw a video by some recruits  in halton of one of commanding officers at a social/get together who was drink in hand singing along to a song quite badly and dancing,which made me laugh as the other videos were quite sad,think need to add in briefing to recruits do not make videos of commanding officers and post t on youtube.

Whilst online I thought as little one was asleep I’d re-read some of my old blog so I google it as just before left 20six changed blog name,I re-read whole archive including comments,some of them made me smile and some of the blog games me and sunshine known  as fabby on wordpress did,the pass the blog that usually started at mine then went to suns then via pettee and sez the one me and sun made up when we were bored and commented on everyones blog by using words that the first letters spelled out the name of the said blogger,obviously feather caught on very quickly poor Tosh was confused which made the game more fun and a new game was born tease tosh,but as sun said he got sense of humour and wouldn’t mind.

I re-read the poem that turned into a who dunnit with over 100 comments and on big debates,and of which dippysea,kennedy sammyface and sun and quite a few others came to the conclusion that it was a wind up from tosh,,bless him he made big debates two days in a row without even knowing about it.(unless he was reading it and having a laugh at us all? never know as not going to be reading this)

I read a few posts and comments that were always supportive and micks comments were always well thought out as well as lovely comments from nikki,flighty and feather (daffy) and beautiful,reading my me-me things want to do before die have done some on list a few need to work but a work in progress.

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Second time lucky!

December 15, 2008

I tried to post earlier and pc crashed,so second time lucky..

Isaac or TJ as some people call him had two seizures and lips went blue,scaring me out my wits the dr has told me next time he has a seizure and if lips turn blue to ring paramedics,a nurse suggested I learn paediatric CPR so i’m sorting out a course after christmas.

the children were in a panto roadshow carrie-ann was belle from beauty and the beast Robin was noddy,it was a fun evening Isaac got tired as small party after but he enjoyed himself.

I’m off to see nurse for myself tommorow,had health scare this year that I thought was sorted,but not exactly sorted prob came back so re-test and pray ok , I’m visiting my brother in hospital who hopefully will be at my parents home by christmas all beit in a wheelchair and Isaac has to go again on 23rd to see paeds to weigh him ,maybe up meds and possibly blood tests.I’m fed up of hospitals our ronnie who is four was due an operation today at southampton but he had chest infection so cancelled it,I could n’t get down there anyway as it a long train journey and need get back for my appt tommorow.

Isaac is being really good and wearing his special helmet when goes outside,its so when has seizure and loses muscle tone he doesn’t bang his head and cause an injury or concusion,its blue with boats and suns and ducks lots of child friendly pictures and is washable and velcro on back so will last a while before re-measure and get another one.

he is having a 2nd birthday party jan 7th about ten children aged 2-5 hyper on sugar and got lots of games and goodies so He will love it,I think i’ll be spending next day cleaning carpet,I’ve made most of woolies sale and got lots of party things for very little money including a pirate chest,that i’ve filled with toys sweets and all manner of things children love and will do a treasure hunt for them to find it and pass the parcel,i’m hoping some of the moms stay or i’ll have my hands full.

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Teach the children

December 11, 2008

“Teach the children,Teach them the old meaning of christmas-the meaning that christmas nowadays has forgotten”

Teach the children that the shiny star on the tree,was the heavenly sign of promise long ages ago.God promised a saviour for the world and the star was a sign of fullfillment of that promise.the countless shining stars at night-one for each man-now show the burning hope of all mankind.

teach the children red is the first colour of christmas.It was first used by faithful people to remind them of the blood which was shed for all people by the savior.Christ gave his life and shed his blood that every man may have gods gift of eternal life.Red is deep ,intense vivid-it is the greatest colour of is the symbol of the gift of god.

the second colour of christmas,Green. “the pure green colour of the statley fir tree remains green all year round this depicts the everlasting hope of is youthful,hopeful abundant of colour of nature.All needles point heavenward-symbols of mans returning thoughts towards heaven.the great green tree has been mans best friend.It has sheltered him,warmed him and made beauty for him.

Teach the children Candles show mans thanks for the star of long ago.Its small light is the mirror of starlight at first candles were placed on the trees-they were like glowing stars shining against the dark green.The coloured lights have now taken over in rememberance.

Teach the children “a bow is placed on a present to remind us of the spirit of brotherhood of man.we should remember that the bow is tied as men should be tied,all of us together,with the bonds of good will towards each other.Good will forever is the message of the bow.

Teach the children that the candy cane placed high on the tree,represents the crook of the shepard,the crook on the staff bring back the strayed sheep to the flock.the candy cane represents the helping hand we should show at christmas time,The candy cane is the symbol that we are our brothers keepers.

Please teach the children that a holly wreathe placed on the door symbolises the eternal nature love;it never ceases stops or ends.It is one continuous round of affection.The wreathe does double duty It is made of many things and colours.It should remind us of all things of christmas.

please teach the children.


December 4, 2008

As I had to get Robin some antibiotics for a urinary tract infection,and as I spend quite a bit off money in boots nappies wipes nappy rash cream all the essentials that you have buy,my boots loyalty points a massed to quite a tidy sum.I looked around at all the gift sets perfume and had a slight thought perhaps I’d treat myself to a bottle of expensive perfume…that lasted a short while then I thought the money would be put to better use so I gathered up basic first aid kits plasters paracetamol,polo mints baby wipes pocket tissues etc  and paid with my points and have sent them off to SOS support our soldiers as some troops don’t have family who can send them care packages.

As its christmas its perfect time off year to show goodwill towards fellow man,thats the way we can make the world a better place one act of random kindness at a time a principal that I’m teaching my children that treat people how you would like to be treated,sometimes a smile or random conversation to people wether via a comment on blog or in bus queue can really make someones day,its the easiest and cheapest way of helping someone as this world can seem a sea of faces,and human compassion and communication is something everyone needs.we have many blessings given us daily we sometimes don’t appreciate them and take for granted all we are given.

sniffly snuffy and snuggles.

December 2, 2008
All the children have flu type symptoms,and my throat is scratchy.They are snuggled up on the settee with honey and lemon drinks (apart from isaac hes having none of it,wants juice) I have a beautifuly decorated tree,(got pine the spruce ones are really expensive even though they look lovely.) it had lots of lovely candy canes on but now after hearing a chomping noise only those near the top are still adorning the tree,caught the culprit red handed or rather sticky handed,yes you’ve guessed it Isaac.
I am going to see if any room on settee with children have a hot chocolate and watch the amazing mr blunden an oldie but a real feel good film and another classic Rebecca by hitchcock.

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