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well how is everyone? | November 19, 2008

Im back after a while not blogging,so an update to those who remember me,all beit by a new name but same old person.

had my latest arrival,who is not so little 22 months and a little gem even though my monthly trips to hospital with him and fornightly drs visits as is poorly bless him are starting to take its toll on me emotionaly.

I’ve been doing partime college and passed 3 exams nothing exciting,and run a support group for microcephaly which my elder son has and my daughter has started college and is doing well.

I’m the same as usual keeping plodding on and keeping positive as my mates formerly from 20six will know.

well today i’ve been having a long chat with a mate and made me realise I’m a good person I should ask for help more so I will work on that one and try to be more kinder to myself.

little steps but I’m not gonna change I am just me,always true to myself not pretending to be something I’m not.


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  1. It’s lovely to see you back blogging!
    I’m okay and as you’ve seen still blogging although my main blog is now Flighty’s plot which is mainly about my allotment which I took on the middle of last year and really enjoying.
    I know that you’ve found Nikki, and Daffy you’ll remember as Feathers. Let me know if you’re wondering about anyone else.
    Take care! xx

    Comment by Flighty — November 19, 2008 @ 5:11 pm

  2. I’m so glad you’re back and blogging and got a new PC. I can’t believe your kids are so grown up and taking on new responsibilities. So sorry to hear about the medical trials of little Isaac. You must be feeling all the weight of worry and concern. Hang in there, Fraggle.

    Comment by nikkipolani — November 19, 2008 @ 5:27 pm

  3. flighty thanks, i noticed your allotment looks nice,gardening is relaxing.its weird all bloggers I know and like changed names only yours and nikkis managed to find,asked sunshine via text for hers and feathers,xx

    yes so grown up so fast yes i’m hanging in there I always do xx

    Comment by meeeeeeeeeee — November 19, 2008 @ 6:11 pm

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